Skincare Products

At Skintel we invested a lot of time into researching the best brands to use within our treatments and recommend as homecare, before we launched back in March 2018. Many hours were spent on attending product days, meetings, and sending enquires into various brands before we decided that Sesderma and Medi+derma products where the ones to be used during treatments and as home care.


Many of Sesderma and Medi+Derma products are formulated with special technologies such as; Nano- technology and Liposomal bubble. This advanced skincare science allows products and active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin where they are required. Both brands have products suited to all skin concerns, as well as maintenance of healthy skin. They have expertly blended acids, enzymes and plant extracts to give you the very best products in the skincare industry.

looking after you skin at home is extremly important because your products at home help to maintain the results of your treatments, much like the gym and diet (20% gym 80% diet), you treatments will only do so much if you are not going to be dedicated to you skin pre and post treatment!


I have always though that you know the brand is good if the therapists use it themselves, and I am proud to say that not only I but my whole family and many of my friends use Sesderma and Medi+Derma products with in their daily skincare routine because they like the excellent quality products and the results they provide.




Sesderma alone has hundreds of home care products

aimed at all skin conditions from acne to psoriasis.

Which makes the brand very customisable in the

care/products you can offer people, and that is very

important to us as no two people are the same, and

this includes their skins needs!


"Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers by offering customised products for all skin types, formulated to enhance quality of life. We therefore practice comprehensive dermatology that combines technical innovation with customer feedback. This mission is resumed with our motto: Listening to your skin. Sesderma listen people's skin and listening skin then we listen the people. "

Sesderma has been formulated by Doctors and Scientists to bring you the very best products for your skin, they pride themselves of following three main core values as a company:

  • Knowledge: Continuous technological improvement and research. Our DNA is dermatological.

  • Humanity: People come first. Following the Hippocratic Oath, we put people and their welfare above all else.

  • Generosity: We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

These values mean Sesderma as a company are dedicated to the people who use their products and are constantly putting in the scientific research to improve the formulation of their current products and make new discoveries in the skincare industry.



Medi+Derma products are formulated to be a lot stronger than sesderma products packing more of a punch with the active ingredients specifically designed to targeted skin concerns such as pigmentation and antiaging. These products are only available through a licensed professionals and skin clinics such as Skintel.






Medi+Derma is the brand I use for all of my chemical peels and micro-needling treatments, as I am able to customise Chemical Peels and Meso Therapy serums to specifically target your individual skins needs during your treatments.


Mediderma was founded 25 years ago by a group of Dermatologist led by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, who also founded the Sesderma Laboratories, which is one of the most renowned international skin care laboratories dedicated to develop high quality, effective and safe skin care products and present in more than 60 countries. From the very beginning, Dr. Gabriel Serrano has been involved in the development of skin care products, new skincare treatments and protocols to achieve healthy skin. 

I chose Sesderma and Medi+derma products to use in my treatments and as homecare, because the brand is Spanish which means some of the peels are formulated to be safer in the sun (still wearing SPF and a hat of course) but also of the amount of products in both professional and home care means I really can mix and match your treatments and home care to make a completely tailored routine for your skin. With this brand I am confident I can treat your skin all year round and give you the results you desire.