Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Removal

The beauty industry is currently booming with semi-permanent makeup becoming more and more popular. But, with the boom and semi-permanent makeup taking hold of the beauty industry there is going to be a subsequent rise in the number of people who have these treatments and are unhappy with the result.


Understandably being unhappy with your brows is a big thing and can often knock your confidence, but you’ll be happy to know that your brows can be removed in 1-6 sessions with laser tattoo removal.


There are many reasons you may want to remove your brows:

  • No longer happy with the shape, or may even have multiple shapes due to previous cover ups and adjustment

  • The size of your brows may not be fashionable any more

  • The colour may be wrong

  • Just out grown them and no longer wish to have semi-permanent makeup


Semi-Permanent inks are traditionally easier to remove than body tattoos. There are many factors as to why, but the main differences between cosmetic tattooing and traditional body tattoos are the techniques and types of ink compounds used. The ink used in cosmetic tattoos is made up of organic and/or inorganic colourants. You will often find that your tattoo will fade to a slightly different colour or change colour within in the skin (often a khaki or red). These inks can change colour in your skin for a number of reasons.


  • Characteristics of pigment (ink) used

  • The tattoo artist method

  • Skin type

  • If the client is on medication

If your tattoo changes colour and you are no longer happy with how the brows look then you can always have the tattoo gone over by a semi-permanent makeup artist, however they are more than likely going to fade again to a reddish brown or have a khaki tint. Most people are ok with this and have regular colour boosts. If you still want your brows removed, then laser tattoo removal is a quick and effective method of removal.


We use a Q-Switched laser to removal all tattoos at Skintel. Q-switch lasers are precise and intense, the tattoo pigments fragment instantly and the tissue surrounding the tattoo remains unaffected by the tattoo removal process. This means we can also remove parts of the eye brow if there’s just part you’d like to remove rather than the whole brow.


During the removal process your brows in the 1st or 2nd session may appear darker, this is also due to the compounds of the ink because they often contain titanium dioxide. When the titanium dioxide (used in ink compounds commonly used for cosmetic tattoos) is treated with a laser it oxidizes, turning the particles from white back to their original state which is a dark grey, this often happens after the first or second laser treatment and subsequent treatments will usually eventually remove the tattoo and the dark grey hue completely.


Before your treatment you will have a full in-depth consultation and patch test to; check your suitability, discuss any questions you may have regarding the treatment, and to ask any questions you may have.

Benefits of Tattoo removal:

  • Effective lightening to complete removal of an unwanted tattoo

  • Minimal recovery time

  • Safest way for removing a tattoo

  • Collagen stimulation in the area

Treatment Information:

Time: 15 minutes (starts at)

Price: £35 (starts at)

Numbing Cream: Not required and not supplied, this will be up to you to self-administer if you feel you need it.

Down time: you can go back to daily activities straight away however the treatment site will be red post treatment, can often bruise the area but skin will appear healed within a week

Skin Types: 1-4

Frequently asked questions

How long do brows take to remove?

It takes between 1 and 6 laser sessions to completely remove an eyebrow tattoo, however this will depend on the type of ink used, your skin, the age or the tattoo, if there are layers and the technique used by the tattoo artist who did the tattoo. The tattoo will continue to fade throughout the years, even after your final treatment. Sometimes two treatments are enough to remove the tattoo because the compounds used in cosmetic tattoos do not have the same staying power as regular tattoos.

How long do I have to wait after getting an eyebrow tattoo to have it removed?

It’s best to wait 12-24 weeks before starting any laser treatments after getting a new tattoo, including body tattoos. For the treatment to be effective, the tattoo ink needs to settle into the dermis so that the colours of the ink can show through the epidermis and the dermis.

Why does a tattoo turn dark after a laser tattoo removal treatment?

When the iron used in ink compounds commonly used for cosmetic tattoos is treated with a laser it oxidizes, turning the particles a grey/brown, this often happens after the first or second laser treatment. Subsequent treatments will eventually remove the tattoo and the rusty brownish hue completely.

Is it possible to remove just part of an eyebrow tattoo?

Removing select sections of an eyebrow tattoo, or any other type of cosmetic tattoo, is possible, however there is always a risk of the laser spreading under the skin a little and breaking down more ink particles.

What sort of eye protection is used during laser eyebrow tattoo removal?

We require you to wear protective eye shields if any work is being done on or near the face. The protective shields are absolutely critical, and you should never consent to any laser removal near the face without it. If you are having laser treatment elsewhere you can wear coloured goggles to protect you from the rays.

What is the aftercare process?

Eyebrow tattoo removal aftercare is actually really simple, avoid touching the area, especially if your hands are not clean and do your best to sleep on your back. Avoid exposure to water but if the area gets wet part dry with a clean dry towel. Don’t apply any makeup or cream to the area (apart from the aftercare cream given to you by Skintel). Don’t wear anything that will irritate the area, such as a hat, and if you have a fringe try keep the hair off of your face to avoide any contamination.

Will I lose hair after laser eyebrow tattoo removal?

You may have temporary hair loss as a result from laser tattoo removal. Your eyebrow hair is likely to turn white following the treatment because the laser removes the pigment. Whitening is perfectly natural and is not permanent.

What to expect after your laser tattoo removal treatment

The area will be mildly to moderately swollen directly after your treatment. The swelling will subside within 24 hours, and in the skin should be back to normal within 2 weeks. You may also experience some pinpoint bleeding during your treatment, this is normal do not pick any scabs that may form.