Russian volume lashes are for those of your who like fuller and more voluminous looking lashes, because unlike classic lashes this treatment is the application of several fine synthetic lashes in the shape of a fan, to each individual lash.


Russian volume lashes are very customised able letting you chose lengths, curls and eye shape look so your lashes can be as natural as you want where your technician will use 2-4D fans or dramatic as you like where a range of fan sized are possible; 5-6D fans are dramatic and 7+ are classed as mega volume!


The products used in this treatment are of the finest quality and are formulated to last the length of time of the growth cycle of your natural lashes. To keep lashes looking full and thick for as long as possible, however due to the lash cycle being 6-8 weeks we recommend infills every 2-3 as lash maintenance!

At Skintel we sell a lash care kit for £12, which contains a foaming lash and lid cleanser, the cleansing brush, lash brush and a sample of gentle eye makeup remover. To keep your lashes looking fabulous you need to take proper care of them, it is advised that you brush them daily (a brush is provided at your treatment), however using products to keep your lashes clean and free of oil build up (oil breaks down the adhesive) and make up removing products which are lash safe and oil free!

I currently use premade Russian fans as well as handmade fans until I get my skills up to be able to make perfect fans and created a full set within an appropriate time frame. I have made this decision so that my clients are always leaving with a perfect set rather than not being happy with the result of the lashes.


A patch Test is required for all lash and brow treatments!

Treatment Information 

Time:  180 minutes

Price: £55

Down time: None

Skin types: All

Russian Volume Lashes