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Summers here and many of us are getting the swimwear back out. Some of us have not a worry in the world about baring pretty much all, but 90% of us will have a few worries about various things, but one very common worry is having visible shaving rash or ingrown hairs on the bikini line.

This is something I have struggled myself with for years, and have recently conquered (thank.the.lord) so I thought I would help a lot of you out by revealing my very in depth (probably more in depth than my daily facial skincare routine) bikini line routine.

In grown hairs are caused by many things, the main thing I have noticed to be the main source of the problem for me is the elastic on knickers or bikini bottoms rubbing on the shaved area causing the skin to become red and then eventually get a little pimple or ingrown hair where the hair has struggled to grow through. These are often painful and very unsightly and let’s face it the tweezers come out and the hair is then dug out creating an angry red, bleeding, welt.

More reasons you may be experiencing shaving rash and ingrown hairs include tight clothing such as jeans, blunt razors, shaving the incorrect direction, curly hairs, chaffing and sweating.

First – make sure you are using the correct razor! These bikini line razors advertised on TV are pure false advertising, they are expensive, they are HUGE and they are not gentle on your skin and end up hacking up your delicate skin even more! Go for a men’s sensitive razor. These razors are designed to be used on faces, which is classed as a delicate area, and the hair growth is typically denser and thicker than a bikini line. I personally use the Wilkinson Sword Hydro5 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078HGNKK8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=APR3G5ENJAPYX&th=1

Change your blades at least once a week if you are using the razor daily or the blades will become blunt and begin to rip the hairs rather than creating a clean cut through them.

Don’t skip the shaving foam/cream. Again, I use one designed for a mans face because its going to be sensitive on delicate areas. It lasts a fair while because you only need a little bit at a time.

Shaving in the correct direction plays a massive part in having a smooth bikini line. You have to shave with the grain, which I know you have all read before but I honestly can’t tell you how true it is! If you shave with the direction of your hair growth you;

· you have a lot less risks of nicks and cuts shaving

· you are lot less likely to get shaving rash

· you are less likely to damage the skin where you are shaving meaning you are less likely to feel irritated and sore

I know shaving with the grain won’t leave you as silky smooth but I know I’d rather have a bikini like I can show off rather than a giant in growing hair I have to try cover up with my bikini bottoms!

Exfoliating pre and post shaving is always a good idea. I use the nip and fab glycolic fix scrub, as it provides manual and chemical exfoliation of the skin. Glycolic acid is also really good for ingrown hairs as it will help to clean the hair follicle of any building bacteria whilst helping to shed off the skin to release the hair without the use of tweezers. I use this pre shave and directly after shaving (try not to go to mad as that’s a lot of exfoliation for a delicate area) and then bi-daily until I shave again. If you wax, don’t use this scrub the day of waxing (before or after) as your skin will be irritated and chemical exfoliation can make the skin react more. https://www.nipandfab.com/skincare/range/glycolic-fix/glycolic-fix-scrub-1-1

Now for the post shower/bath part of your new bikini line routine.

Oil control pads! These wonderful little things are to use either every day or the days when you don’t exfoliate, depending on how delicate your skin is. The pads will help kill any bacteria in the pores and shorten the life of a spot. These particular pads contain salicylic acid which will help with the bacteria, hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and phytofuse rejuvenate which helps to speed up healing time of the skin. https://www.nipandfab.com/skincare/range/teen-skin-fix-salicylic-acid/teen-skin-salicylic-acid-night-pads

Keeping your skin supple and hydrated is ideal, because the dead skin cells are more likely the shed off instead of building up. When your skin cells build up you are creating a barrier for your hair to ‘break through’, which may cause it to bend and curl under creating an ingrowing hair. Also, when your skin is hydrated it repairs faster. Go for a light moisturiser that isn’t to thick, this will prevent the area sweating or the pores becoming blocked by the moisturiser. I personally use Medi+Derma hyaluronic body lotion which you can purchase from an Medi+Derma stockist.

Lastly, Deodorant. For those of you who have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mitchum deodorant is my Windex. This is the last step on your routine and is purely to help the skin be protected from rubbing whether it be your knickers or just general chaffing. Preventing the rubbing will help with skin irritation after shaving but also help to reduce the chance of developing a pimple. https://www.superdrug.com/Mitchum/Mitchum-Powder-Fresh-Deodorant-Stick-41g/p/862265?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjrvpBRC0ARIsAFrFuV_QfIObPf_nkzWQunB_OmrDaNGy4fHVBF9tXaqMTaU2mR2ti4jNNn4aAnnhEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

If you are already currently battling shaving rash and ingrown hairs stop shaving for a week or 2. Use all other products to get used to the daily routine and let your skin heal and repair and then slowly introduce shaving again. Start with once a week and slowly build it up. Please bear in mind you may never be able to shave every day if you have delicate skin.

If you are going to shaving against the grain you might as well forget everything you’ve just read to be honest because until you master that you’re are always at much higher risk of shaving rash and in grown hairs!

Last recommendation from me: If you have dark hair, I would look into getting laser hair removal. Although laser hair removal is not classed as permanent anymore because you may experience regrowth with a hormonal fluctuations, but it will reduce and slow down the growth of the hair! I know it is expensive, but it is worth it even if you just get your bikini line done to avoid the ‘rubbing’ in that area.

Happy reading, I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog!


Isabelle x

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