To get the very best, long lasting results, we expertly combine and layer the best advanced skincare products based on the individual client needs and concerns.  This is what I do in all of my Bespoke Facials which are completely tailored to your skins needs on the day of your appointment.

A facial is a 45-60-minute treatment that can transform your skin; whether you skin is need of a deep cleanse, good exfoliation, nutrition and hydration or a bit of firming and plumping, Skintel can tailor your bespoke facial to suit you.

At the point of cleansing the skin will be assessed to see the condition, from here I will inform you of the best choices for your skin. Whilst facials at Skintel are still very relaxing I am a result driven therapist, which means I will be working to help repair skin health and improve skin conditions and issues by using; different techniques, tools and clinical grade products. A facial at Skintel is a little different to a facial at a spa our main aim is to improve your skins quality with long term results!

Facial Benefits:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

  • In growing hairs

  • Reduce the risk of scaring from current breakouts

  • Dull Skin

  • Dehydrated and dry skin

  • Open Pores

  • Pigmentation

Treatment Information:

Time: 45 minutes

Price: £40.00

Down time: None

Skin types: All

Frequently asked questions

How often should I have a facial

Dead skin cells build up over the course of 4-6 weeks due to the skins cycle, so they are recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep your skin clean and fresh, but also keep your home care products working as they should.

Will my skin be red post facial?

As we use active ingredients during our facial you may be a little pink post facial, but this is very temporary and will go down within an hour. You may also have some localised redness from extractions.

What will my skin feel like?

Your skin will feel refreshed and clean post facial.

Will I be able to have this treatment in my lunch break?

Yes, there is no reason why anyone would know you’ve had anything done apart from noticing your newly glowing skin!