Lash tinting helps to darken the lash hair by using a tint to temporarily dye (6-8 weeks) so that the lashes are darker making them stand out more, this is the perfect treatment for blondes who want their natural lash line to be darker.


Brow tinting uses the same products as lash tinting to temporarily (4-6 weeks) darken the brow hair to help create natural brows that stand out from your features.


Isabelle’s personal experience with having her brows tinted (as a blonde) is, that they are always tinted to dark so they can look shocking in comparison to her hair, so she has developed a technique for blondes or anyone concerned with the hair going to dark, to avoid leaving Skintel with slug brow.


With both lash and brow tinting a range of colours and depth of colours can be achieved by mixing the tint colours and the length of time the tint is left on the hair.


A patch Test is required for all lash and brow treatments!



Treatment Information:

Time:  10-20 minutes

Price: Lash tint £8, brow tint £8, lash and brow £12

Down time: None

Skin types: All

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting