Before any Skin, Laser or Lash treatments at Skintel you are required to have an in depth consultation, during which we will identify any areas of concerns, talk about your desired results and develop a plan to meet your individual needs. 

During your consultation many things are discussed, including; life style, medical details, your concerns, etc, which are all analysed to determine which treatment(s) are best suited to you and to give you your desired results. 

A consultation takes anywhere between 20-40 minutes depending on what treatment(s) are being discussed, however if you are completely unsure of what your skin needs then don't worry we will use the consultation to educate you on your own skins needs and find a home care regime and treatment plan to suit.

Consultation Benefits

  • find out the best course of treatment for you

  • educated about your own skins needs, potential treatments and skincare

  • education on the laser process (if needed)

  • education on your lash health and which kind of lashes are best suited to your eye shape

  • detailed plan on the best home acre products for you