Classic Lash Extensions 

If you’re searching for lashes that will wow all day every day, without the hassle of applying stick on false lashes or mascara, then individual eyelash extensions are perfect for you.

This treatment enhances your look by placing synthetic individual lashes on to your natural lashes. These light, comfortable and natural looking eyelash extensions are available in a variety of curls and length to create the look that you want.

The professional lashes and adhesive used in this treatment are of the finest quality and are formulated to last the length of time of the growth cycle of your natural lashes. To keep lashes looking fabulous for as long as possible, we recommend eyelash infill maintenance every two to three weeks.

At Skintel we sell a lash care kit for £12, which contains a foaming lash and lid cleanser, the cleansing brush, lash brush and a sample of gentle eye makeup remover. To keep your lashes looking fabulous you need to take proper care of them, it is advised that you brush them daily (a brush is provided at your treatment), however using products to keep your lashes clean and free of oil build up (oil breaks down the adhesive) and make up removing products which are lash safe and oil free!

A patch Test is required for all lash and brow treatments!

Treatment Information:

Time:  150 minutes

Price: £45

Down time: None