Hi, my name is Isabelle I am the director of Skintel and also your therapist for all treatments at Skintel. 


When I first started my training in aesthetics, my goal was always have my own business, this goal was made at the age of 18. At the age of 22 I created Skintel, and my little dream came true. 


I started my career (after completing my training) as a trainee therapist in a popular clinic in Barnes, South West London, where I soon became the main therapist. It was here I worked under one of the best Aesthetic Practitioners and business women in the Industry. Not only did she teach me everything I know, she gave me the skills, confidence and knowledge to not only do these advanced skin treatments but to run a business. 


During my time in London I also helped out with the training company run in the same clinic, this was an honour at only 20 years of age helping to assist with the teaching of students from all kinds of beauty and medical backgrounds. 


After a time, the travelling from Kent to southwest London the commute became a little too much and I found work in a new set up clinic in Sevenoaks. My time here was not positive, but although I did not enjoy my short time at this clinic, I did learn a lot about the setup of a new clinic and what does and does not work, so still thankful for the experience!


Working in Sevenoaks really lit the fire my mind and I started putting plans into actions and build Skintel. The setup of Skintel took me sometime, because there was so much I wanted to perfect before I made it public. In this time, I also continued to develop my skills by attending different training courses over the years with various industry experts such as Lorena Oberg and attending regular product training.


I honestly can’t thank everyone enough who supported/supports, it has been a dream for me because I love this industry and I love helping to improve people’s skin. All the positive feedback makes it so worth it! if you have had a treatment by Skintel please leave a google to Facebook review as it helps future clients chose us!